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In todays world it is not enough for one to say " I am organic" or " I am fair to the envoriment" all alone, also ethical standarts of the company is becoming more and more important everyday as the way it should be. Besides we respect and support envoriment and field we also respect and support our workers rights.

First of all we have no child workers. The youngest worker in our company is 18 years old, although the allowed working ages in Turkey is 16 .In our company there is no forced labour. Everybody is free to leave company whenever they want. We do not exceed maximum working hours. People has all the rights for Freedom of Association and they are free to join any community they want. There is no discrimination for race, age, sex, political opininon, religion etc. Pregnana workers have right to leave 2 months earlier prior to the birth and can come back 2 months later than the birth .

Also for safety and regulations, we are taking care of what we are supposed to do.We have first aid and fire teams, in case of emergency and fire. We have fire extinguishers in every 20 m2 in our building and fire team is trained to use them. In the company, fire extinguishers are all at reachable and open places. Fire and emegency exits in the company is clearly marked and all doors are open in the company.Twice a year we make fire training in the company. Company is well ventilated.We have company doctor coming 3 times as week to the company. We also have smoking rooms.

Besides all of those we also provide other benefits to the workers: Like transport to the company and back home, food at lunch and if there is an overworking also at evening.Every worker is trained according to their needs. Two times a year we g oto beach and picnic and have good time together, hope you can join us on one of those trips.

We believe that we are doing what we should do to protect our future...