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Organic Underwear

Organic Underwear .


We have launched our new underwear range by April 3rd.


We have started to supply organic cotton underwear and organic cotton elastane blends. , You can see some of these products featured in our product gallery, underwear section. These are basic slips, boxes, tank tops and SS-T shirts.

To give brief information about this project :Minimum order quantities, vary from style to style. As a rule, our minimum is 1000 pieces / style and 500 pieces / color and 100 pieces / size for a single style. If you can use the same fabric quality and distrubute this under 6 or more different styles than we give as a minimum of 500 pieces / style and 250 pieces / color.An exceptiontion from this rule is the styles that have rubber band with their own logo on them , An elastic band with logo has a minimum of 3000 meters and that makes a lot of style when implemented in finished products. In such cases, we should either choose the whole band and the production accordingly (which cause a minimum of 4000-5000 pieces in total) or we should order the production for the minimum order above and invoice our customers for the remaining elastic bands.

Delivery (Lead) times: Our delivery times are 1-2 weeks for proto samples, 5-6 weeks for vendor samples and 8-10 weeks for bulk production. Proto samples will only start upon agreement on minimum purchase quantities and prices. Salesman Samples will charge 2.5 times the agreed price. Also for each color on a seller sample, we have to make up to 20 kg of material, we have to charge our customers for the remaining fabrics as well. Later, after receiving the official bulk order, this amount (cost of excess fabric) is refunded to our customers.

Qualities: We can use jersey fabrics, ribs, cotton latches, cotton-lycra and cotton-PES blends micro modal and tencel qualities. We have a a high range of high quality products.

Packaging and prices: understand our prices includes care labels and accessories, but excludes packaging and other brand labels. If special packaging materials (such as small boxes, paper wraps etc.) will be calculated on top of the prices if necessary. Private Labeling: It is possible for our customers to put their own brand and labels on the products. Sometimes we may be able to offer fewer quantities if we have stock of fabric on hand, but that will require special attention: those are already included in our pricesSpecial terms and conditions.Certification: Organic underwear has been standardized according to Organic Exchange (OE) certified.

As you see new underwear offers unique chances for companies to enter the organic market with lowest risk and cost .

We give continous support to our customers for this project.


If you need more information from our end, please do not hessitate to contact us. You may also take a look at our gallery to review our styles in more depth

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