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Organic Knitted Fabric

Organic FabricWe sell both raw fabrics and dyed fabrics. All the fabrics are fully certified including dyeing.

Fabric Types

In knitted group, we have single jerseys, ribbings, interlocks, fleece , knitted terry, velours, pointel ribbinigs, each fabric has special weight and width. Fabrics are dyed by low impact dyes and heavy metal free dyestuffs.You can see the detailed list below.

When the fabric is dyed, it is possible to have all colours for each fabrics. One colour is exceptional and this is optical white colour as the optical brighteners are not allowed by organic standarts. We can achive peroxide bleached fabrics though.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

a. The minimums are 250 kg/quality and 100 kg/colour for 100 cotton fabrics.
b. When it is with some spandex inside, it is 250 kg/colour and 150 kg/colour.
c. It is possible to make some yarn dyed striped fabrics as well. For striped fabrics, the minimums are 250 kg/quality and 150 kg/colourway.
d.We also have alloverprinted fabrics. Minimums are 1000 meter /colourway for those fabrics. Also for alloverprinted fabrics we have screen costs/colour which are asked in advaced


a. For solid coloured fabrics it is 3-4 weeks after official P.O. and colour approval.
b. For yard dyed striped fabrics it is 4-5 weeks after official P.O. and colour approval.
c. For allover printed fabrics, lead time is 6-7 weeks after official P.O. including development stages of the design and screens.

Fabric Performances

For the fabrics unless mentioned we guarentee 5 +- shrinkage on the fabrics and 3 +- twisiting on the fabrics. Other performances like colour fastness and rubbing fastness can be agreed and managed due to requirements. During fabric sales, fabrics are invoiced from net weights. Fabrics have quite good handfeel and they are durable and have the optimum strength for each usage.


Fabrics are packed in rolls with double layered plastics and shipped in rolls.