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Organic Cotton

organic cottonOne of the best quality in organics!
Aegean region ,thanks to it's soil provides worlds second best cotton which is used for many purposes from textiles to cosmetics.
Organic cotton which is grown ,picked and ginned according to organic standarts protects soil and farmers as no pesticides are used. With contracted farmers willing to invest in organic projects, our projects is increasing it's capacity and still maintaining its upmost quality. Harvest starts from End September and lasts till Middle of October.

Cotton is sold in bales. One bale is around 220 kg.

In 20 FT container we can put around 42 bales of raw cotton.
In 40 FT container we can put around 84 bales of raw cotton.
In 40 FT HC container we can put around 105 bales of raw cotton.

Also we are selling comber wastes . This is also sold in bales and one bale is around 200 kg.
It is possible to send technical values for each cotton lot upon request. Also due to C.U. laws it is easy to trace where the cotton is from which is very important for organic textiles. Cotton Shipments can be made 1-2 week after receipt of official P.O.