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Who we are?
Izmir PortWe are a company located in Izmir Turkey .Currently Turkey is the leading country in the world for organic cotton projects and organic cotton products. In general worlds's 70 of organic cotton needs are supplied from Turkey. Parko Textile is famous with it's high quality organic cotton based products, offering competetive prices with fast delivery times. Our company is located in Izmir , a city with it's own harbour, which has vessels sailing to 6 continents every week and in the center of all organic cotton projects
What do we offer?
We sell organic cotton yarns, fabrics and finished products from organic cotton. For the finished products we have a huge line from men and women apprarel to child and baby clothing, from sheets to bathrobes and towels. We offer fully certified end products and high quality with in market requirements. We are able to work both with seasons and upon order basis.

You do not need to have detailed information about organic cotton market or products. We are here to help you as we did to our other customers. We direct our customers in a way to fit there requirements in this market based on our experiences and knowledge. Most of the long term relationships we have established till today has allways started with small questions from them and again most of those relations turned out to be a great success for those companies. We hope you will also benefit from our experience ,enjoy together while exploring the possibilities and feel your self more comfortable by knowing that you are contrubuting to the envoriment and to your and your children's future.

Enviroment friendly
Parko Textile is founded at 1999 by two idealist textile enginers and since than maintaining highest quality while protecting environment and soil has become our main goal. That's why we are only supplying ready made garments and accessories from organic cotton and it's products such as yarns, noil, knitted and woven fabrics,towels and bathrobes, all kinds of apparel and accessories.

Organic production helps envoriment from the start. While planting the cotton and during growing stage no pesticides are used that are hazardous. Crop rotation is applied to the Soil, which means you do not plant same good 3 years in a row. 3 rd year you need to plant something else than cotton.With this way you can allways protect soil. During dyeing fabrics are dyed with low impact dyes and reactive dyes are used. Production itself is tracable from end product till cotton and everything is transparent.

Always innovative and the leader in the market
We never find what we have done enough .We try to improve ourselves, follow latest developments in organic cotton market and textiles. Than we combine those together and offer those to our customers for more added value products and also keep them one step forward in the strong challanges in this fast developing market.

To give some example we are able to make organic cotton/bamboo products which is one of the latest trends in the world. One other example is colour grown yarns, which is again frequently demanded.

organic textile certificatesThe most frequent question (and maybe the first) you will ask when entering the organic cotton market will be "how do I know the product itself is organic ?" Answer is very simple. All of the products are controlled,produced undersupervision of Control Union (Which used to be known as SKAL in the past). We are accredited by control union at all stages of production independently. A certificate is given to our customers for each transaction and this document is valid throught the world. With year 2007 all big certfying companies merged under a new standart called G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standarts). With this new development standarts are applied equally by each certifying companies so each certificate is valid in every country. For example with G.O.T.S. standarts, it is possible to give Soil Association Certificate for UK market as well.