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Blank T-Shirt Project

Blank T-Shirt Project .


We have launched or new project by April 3rd.


Our project name is called BTP (Blank T-Shirt Project).


Throughout our history in organic garment industry, we had been contacted by more than 4000 companies. Some of those were small and some were bigger brands and each had very different charecteristics but each had the same goal; 'To exist in this market with their own brand name' . Companies who were able to order higher quantities or could afford to pay extreme prices managed to make a start and many of them carried from there. However many of the startups or small brands had a problem in adopting such requests and they were the majority of the group which wanted to start and organic brand . We had given a thought to come over this problem to help people to do this by offering a good service and package.

The package and service we were to offer should have the following things included:


a. Low minimums.

b. Affordable prices

c. Premium quality

d. Should allow people to put their own brands on t-shirts

e. Faster lead times than the market .

f. Ready collection based on more than 20 years of experience in Organic Market


BTP project is made based on those principles.


-It is a collection that have key styles for Mens and Ladies. You can order 50,100 ,250 or 500 pcs from each colour of the collection based on your demands.

-The price of items in the collection are quite workable

-Garments are made using premium Aegean Cotton ( Which is worlds Top quality organic cotton)

-You can have your labels on those garments. You can either put heat transfer or woven labels .

-You may have the products within 6 weeks after the orders.

-All garments fits well. You can ask PPS samples from those , if you are not sure about the fits.

-All products will be certified by GOTS.


As you see BTP offers unique chances for companies to enter the organic market with lowest risk and cost .

We give continous support to our customers for this project.


If you need more information from our end, please do not hessitate to contact us. You may also take a look at our gallery to review our styles in more depth

 Click here for a photo gallery